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Mass power outage in Belgorod reported

Mass power outage in Belgorod reported A partial blackout occurred in the Russian Belgorod (photo:

In the city of Belgorod, Russia, a widespread power outage occurred on Saturday evening, leaving several streets in different areas without electricity, according to Belgorod Mayor Valentin Demidov and local public groups.

According to local authorities, the blackout occurred due to a technical malfunction in the power grid. Following the incident, utility workers initiated restoration efforts and began the process of reconnection.

Initial estimates suggested that it might take up to one and a half hours to fully restore electricity. However, as of midnight on Sunday, February 4, there were no reports of power being restored.

Emergency power outages in the city were reported in the following areas:

  • 60 Let Oktiabria Street
  • Sportivnaya Street
  • Gubkina Street
  • Hazovykov Street
  • Surhutskaia Street
  • Budennoho Street
  • Novyi-1 Microdistrict
  • Novyi-2 Microdistrict

The Governor of the Belgorod region has not provided comments on the situation with this blackout.

Meanwhile, local online communities shared footage from the city depicting the power outage.

Blackouts in Russia

In recent months, various emergencies causing power outages have become increasingly frequent in the territory of the Russian Federation. Explosions and other emergencies have led to disruptions in electricity supply.

In the aggressor country, after the onset of the large-scale war against Ukraine, fires on various objects have become more frequent. In regions close to Ukraine, this is often attributed to drone strikes.

Earlier, it was reported that on January 23, in the Russian city of Vladivostok, fires broke out at two substations after explosions, resulting in the power outage of hundreds of buildings.

Before that, in January, many districts in Rostov-on-Don were left without electricity. In some areas of the city, water pressure in taps dropped, and heating was disrupted.

We also reported earlier that some areas in Moscow were left without electricity, water, and heating. At that time, the temperature in the Russian capital was -25 degrees Celsius.

Before that, the authorities of the Kursk region claimed an alleged shelling of a substation leading to a power outage.