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Marine Le Pen condemns Russian Ministry's election support as provocative

Marine Le Pen condemns Russian Ministry's election support as provocative Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Rally political party (Photo: Getty Images)

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has publicly supported Marine Le Pen's far-right party National Rally in the French elections. Le Pen called such a gesture interference, according to X social media and TF1.

What the Russian Foreign Ministry wrote

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs posted a photo on social media Twitter of a smiling Marine Le Pen.

"The people of France are seeking a sovereign foreign policy that serves their national interests and a break from the dictate of Washington and Brussels," the Russian ministry wrote in the caption of the photo.

The Russian Foreign Ministry also added that French officials "won't be able to ignore" such sentiments among citizens.

Le Pen's reaction

The far-right French politician, known for her pro-Russian stance, unexpectedly criticized such support from the foreign ministry of the aggressor country.

"I think this is a provocation and, by the way, possibly a slight interference. Because when you make such a tweet, so demonstrative and so provocative, it can be likened to interference," Le Pen said.

She added that the decision is made "not by the Kremlin, but by the French people."

Le Pen's Party in the elections

A few weeks ago, the National Rally won significantly over President Emmanuel Macron's party Renaissance during the European Parliament elections.

Due to this, the head of the French state decided to dissolve the parliament and hold snap elections. The first round occurred last weekend, with the National Rally receiving 33.14% of the votes, while the pro-presidential bloc garnered only 20.04%.