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Man wounds policeman with crossbow near Israeli embassy in Serbia

Man wounds policeman with crossbow near Israeli embassy in Serbia A police officer was attacked near the Israeli Embassy in Belgrade (photo: Getty Images)

In the Serbian capital of Belgrade, a man with a crossbow attacked a police officer in front of the Israeli embassy. The policeman was shot in the neck but managed to wound the attacker.

According to information unofficially obtained by an RTS correspondent, the man repeatedly approached the police station to ask something. Then he opened the door and shot a police officer in the neck with a crossbow. The policeman returned fire, wounding the attacker. The attacker later died from his wounds.

The policeman survived, he had already been operated on and transferred to intensive care. The attacker is being identified.

However, Serbian Interior Minister Ivica Dačić believes that the attack was a terrorist act, which could be behind the Wahhabi movement (one of the sects in Sunni Islam). According to Dačić, law enforcement officers detained several other people for security reasons.

Last October, a terrorist attack took place near the Israeli embassy in Cyprus. An explosive device detonated near the embassy building. Law enforcement officers then detained four people who had arrived in Cyprus from Syria.

Terrorist attacks near Israeli embassies are related to the war that has been going on in the Gaza Strip since October last year. The war was provoked by an attack by Hamas militants on Israeli territory, which was accompanied by massacres of civilians.

Now Israel is facing a new war with Lebanon, where the Hezbollah terrorist group operates. The other day, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the curtailment of hostilities in the Gaza Strip in order to move troops to the border with Lebanon.