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Major fire occurs at Scientific Research Institute in Moscow region

Major fire occurs at Scientific Research Institute in Moscow region Photo: a severe fire broke out at the Scientific Research Institute in the suburbs of Moscow (RusMedia)

A major fire broke out at the Platan Research Institute in Fryazino, Moscow Region, Russia, on Monday, June 24. People are trapped inside the burning building, according to Russian Telegram channels.

The video shows several building floors engulfed in flames, with thick black smoke billowing from the windows.

Russian Telegram channels report that, according to preliminary information, the fire started on the fifth and sixth floors in the offices of the planning and design department.

Nine people are trapped on the eighth floor, leaning out of windows and calling for help. Emergency services are evacuating people from the burning building, and no injuries have been reported so far.

It is worth noting that Platan is an enterprise in the radio-electronic defense industry. According to online sources, the company develops electron-beam devices, semiconductor lasers, and liquid crystal displays.

Fires in Moscow

Recently, a fire occurred in Moscow at the building of the Sukhoi Design Bureau. The roof collapsed due to intense flames.

In mid-April, a fire broke out at the Avangard plant in Moscow. It is part of the Almaz-Antey Aerospace Defense Concern.