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In Moscow, leading aircraft manufacturer on fire

In Moscow, leading aircraft manufacturer on fire In Moscow, 'Sukhoi' is burning (Photo: Getty Images)

In the capital of the Russian Federation, Moscow, a fire occurred in the building of the Sukhoi Design Bureau. The roof collapsed due to intense flames, according to Russian media and the Telegram channel of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Initially, the Russian ministry reported that the fire area was 400 square meters, then stated that the fire was contained. However, later Ministry of Emergency officials said that according to updated information, the fire affected 800 square meters.

It is noteworthy that the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations does not mention the fire specifically at the Sukhoi Design Bureau, but reports that an "unused building" is burning in the northwest of Moscow.

However, photos released by the ministry and videos from Russian media and Telegram channels clearly show that the building on fire belongs to this particular enterprise, which is considered one of the leading enterprises in the aggressor country in the field of aviation technology.

"In the northwest of Moscow, the Sukhoi design bureau is on fire. The wind blows all the smoke towards Botkin Hospital," writes "Moskvach".

Additionally, this bureau is part of the aviation holding company JSC "Company" "Sukhoi".

According to a statement by the Russian Emergencies Ministry, the fire is being fought by more than 70 firefighters, with 25 units of equipment involved on site.

У Москві палає провідне підприємство із розробки авіатехніки

Building of JSC "Sukhoi Design Bureau" in Moscow (Photo:

Earlier in May, a building of the district administration in Sokolina Hora was on fire in Moscow. At that time, the Russian Emergencies Ministry (MNS RF) stated that the fire occurred in a "commercial office building".

In mid-April, a fire broke out in Moscow on the territory of the Avangard plant. It is part of the joint-stock company "Concern Air and Space Defense Almaz-Antey".