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Magnetic storms and their impact on our brain

Magnetic storms and their impact on our brain How magnetic storms affect our brain (photo: Freepik)

Quite often, people justify their actions by the influence of magnetic storms, which supposedly affect our behavior.

Whether magnetic storms really have such a strong impact on us and our brain is discussed by RBC-Ukraine with reference to an interview with neurosurgeon Mark Glukhenkyi on the YouTube channel Healthy Talk.

How magnetic storms affect our brain

It is commonly believed that magnetic storms have a strong impact on the human brain, influencing behavior and actions that we sometimes undertake impulsively. Of course, it is convenient to attribute these effects to storms, as there is always much talk about their influence.

This approach is especially favored by women who tend to blame everything on magnetic storms. However, whether they truly exert such a profound impact on our well-being and brain, clouding our judgment and affecting our physical and mental state, can be explained by a neurosurgeon, as they possess a deep understanding of how the brain functions.

"We have planet Earth, the force of magnetism, and various external factors, such as magnetic storms, that can alter this normal state. And it's normal," says the neurosurgeon.

According to the doctor, some people are weather-sensitive, while others are not. Magnetic storms and Retrograde Mercury disrupt our normal homeostasis.

However, if a person constantly experiences headaches and weakness during magnetic storms, the issue may not be the storms themselves.

"Headaches, weakness, heart pain during magnetic storms are all risk factors. In other words, chronic problems or diseases will primarily make themselves known during magnetic storms," says the neurosurgeon.

Therefore, don't neglect your chronic conditions to avoid suffering from pain and weakness during periods of magnetic storms and Retrograde Mercury, which can alter our state and intensify the sensations of pain from chronic diseases that may manifest only at certain times. However, everyone's experience is individual.

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