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Astrologer explained what to expect from Retrograde Mercury in 2023-2024

Astrologer explained what to expect from Retrograde Mercury in 2023-2024 Retrograde Mercury 2023-2024 (photo: Freepik)

We often hear about Retrograde Mercury and like to blame it for all our problems, but what is it really, and how will the upcoming period affect us? Details according to astrologer Anastasia Bryut.

What planet is this, and why do people get scared when it is in retrograde

Each planet is associated with a specific aspect of our lives and, essentially, with us. They influence events, the body, organs, emotions, situations, and more. Specifically, Mercury is responsible for our thinking, thoughts, language, documents, travels, technology, automobiles, agreements, and any form of signing.

What does it mean when it is Retrograde:

  • a quick course in astrology right before your eyes.
  • a planet in direct motion is a planet that moves forward.
  • a planet in retrograde motion is a planet that figuratively moves backward.
  • when a planet is in direct position, its energies move forward. In other words, conditions are maximally favorable for your actions.
  • when a planet is in retrograde position, energies move backward, and everything slows down.

"We are currently talking about Mercury, so imagine that everything we wrote above is slowing down, starting to lag, glitch. This applies to us as well. Mercury, which is responsible for our thinking, begins to influence our thoughts. In conversation, we start to glitch a little, just like all technology," writes the astrologer.

Anastasiia notes that, as can be seen, Retrograde Mercury begins in us with news about Kyivstar. Specifically, this Mercury will cause many disruptions in technology, including phones, cars, banks, communication, ATMs, and more. It slightly differs from other periods of retrograde Mercury.

"From December 13, negotiating something important, signing documents, and formalizing agreements are highly not recommended," says Anastasiia.

Астролог пояснила, чого очікувати від Ретроградного Меркурія 2023-2024

Mercury Retrograde 2023-2024 (photo: Freepik)

What specifically is not recommended to do during this period:

  • avoid buying/ordering a car
  • refrain from signing documents, especially if they involve something new in your life

  • avoid purchasing any electronic devices

  • avoid real estate transactions, especially mortgages or loans

  • do not take out loans

  • postpone important negotiations until after January 10, 2024, as there may be setbacks. Agreements made during this period may need to be re-evaluated

  • be cautious with new acquaintances; relationships initiated during this time may not be very productive. If you decide to enter into a relationship during this retrograde period, be prepared for potential changes in thinking or feelings after January 10. It often happens that people entering into relationships during a retrograde period later reconsider, realizing that things were somewhat illusory. Therefore, exercise caution with new acquaintances, both personally and in business relationships.

"If you buy electronics during this period, it won't bring any negativity such as hexes, curses, or other misfortunes. During this time, things tend to break, and the electronics purchased during this period may also experience issues, not just during this time but afterward as well. Therefore, it's advisable to buy valuable items after January 10," explains the astrologer.

Trips during this period. Look, I always advise buying tickets earlier, planning the route, and arranging hotels—do everything in advance. So, consider this based on your circumstances.

Weddings. You can have a wedding, propose, or do something similar, but avoid formalizing an official marriage.

"After Retrograde Mercury, we often revisit things we did impulsively. This period is ideal for revisions. In other words, it's a good time to revise, rewrite, or retest something," noted Anastasiya.

Retrograde Mercury and ex-partners

"Every time we talk about Retrograde Mercury or Venus, and I mention ex-partners, you often forget that you are also someone's ex and may feel nostalgic too. So, don't get carried away by this state. Well, if exes write during this period, it's normal. If they don't, that's normal too. Please, no panic," Anastasiya addresses her audience.

The astrologer advises not to take anything seriously during this period, especially news, as everything gets exaggerated.

Also, she suggests avoiding impulsive actions during sudden bursts. In this period, our thinking is not as usual, our system lags a bit, and that's absolutely normal, as we also experience glitches sometimes.

Anastasiya points out that this is the time for our planned glitches and system reboot. Therefore, she recommends postponing very important matters because we are entering a period of turbulence, and it's better to sit and not make sudden moves, as you may fall.