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Macron to promote his stance on war in Ukraine in Brazil

Macron to promote his stance on war in Ukraine in Brazil French President Emmanuel Macron (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

French President Emmanuel Macron kicks off a three-day trip to Brazil on March 26 as part of his strategy to build bridges between developed nations and the so-called Global South, according to Bloomberg.

Macron's agenda will focus on attempting to persuade Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva to take a certain stance on the Russia's war against Ukraine.

Lula has previously sought to position his country as neutral, capable of maintaining ties with both Russia and Ukraine.

Macron has taken one of the strongest positions on the war, warning Western allies that Russian President Vladimir Putin poses an existential threat to the European Union.

French officials view Brazil as a key player among developing nations, especially as it heads the G20, which includes most of the world's largest economies.

The French leader is betting that his differences with Lula over Russia's incursion into Ukraine can be narrowed, although Brazil believes both sides share blame for the war.

Lula has repeatedly refused to supply weapons to Ukraine, arguing that the strategies of the US and EU undermine prospects for a negotiated solution. Brazil's position largely resonates with the Global South, which includes developing economies.

Macron's statements on deploying troops to Ukraine

At the end of February, French President Emmanuel Macron did not rule out Western countries deploying troops to assist Ukraine.

Later, the French leader clarified that his country could send troops to Ukraine if Russia were to resume its offensive against Kyiv or Odesa.

In March, Macron reiterated his statement about French troops in Ukraine, emphasizing that such a possibility is not ruled out.

Following a full-scale invasion, Ukraine has actively worked to develop relations with Latin America to bring countries in the region onto its side and isolate Russia on the international stage. In late February 2024, Argentine President Javier Milei announced plans for a Latin American support summit for Ukraine later this year.