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Macron on terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall: 'Cynical and counterproductive' to blame Ukraine

Macron on terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall: 'Cynical and counterproductive' to blame Ukraine French President Emmanuel Macron (Photo: Getty Images)

French President Emmanuel Macron stated that all indications suggest that the terrorist attack near Moscow at Crocus City Hall was carried out by the Islamic State, and it would be "cynical and counterproductive" to try to blame Ukraine.

"This attack was claimed by Islamic State, and the information available to us, to our (intelligence) services as well as to our main partners, indicates indeed that it was an entity of the Islamic State which instigated this attack," he said.

He emphasized that it would be cynical for Russia to blame Ukraine for the terrorist attack.

"I think that it would be both cynical and counterproductive for Russia itself and the security of its citizens to use this context to try and turn it against Ukraine," Macron said.

Terrorist attack near Moscow

In the evening on Friday, March 22, in the city of Krasnogorsk in Podmoskovye, several armed men in camouflage opened fire at the concert hall Crocus City Hall. According to Russian reports, over 100 people were killed in the attack.

Russian law enforcement officials stated that they have detained four individuals involved in the terrorist act. Russian dictator Vladimir Putin claimed that the terrorists allegedly intended to flee to Ukraine, where a "window" was prepared for them.

The responsibility for the terrorist attack was claimed by the Islamic State group. The United States confirmed the involvement of ISIS and dismissed any connection to events in Ukraine.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated, "What happened yesterday in Moscow, obviously, Putin and other scum are just trying to blame it on someone else."