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Macron and Scholz discussed military support for Ukraine

Macron and Scholz discussed military support for Ukraine President of France Emmanuel Macron (photo: GettyImages)

President Emmanuel Macron of France and Chancellor Olaf Scholz of Germany discussed European initiatives regarding military support for Ukraine, according to the Élysée Palace website.

"Confirming their unwavering and long-term support for Ukraine, both leaders continued the work carried out within the Conference in Support of Ukraine held on February 26 in Paris and the Weimar Summit held on March 15 in Berlin. They also discussed European initiatives for military support to Ukraine," as stated on the Élysée Palace website.

In their conversation, the leaders also discussed relations between the European Union and China and coordinated their actions, particularly in support of rebalancing trade and economic relations between Europe and China, emphasizing the impact of the war in Ukraine on European security.

Support from France for Ukraine

Earlier, French President Emmanuel Macron suggested that Europe would have to increase its assistance to Ukraine due to the delayed aid package from the US.

We also reported that France and Britain agreed to increase military aid to Ukraine and discussed the priorities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the coming months.