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Lucky streak to begin for these zodiac signs at the end of October

Lucky streak to begin for these zodiac signs at the end of October These zodiac signs will soon start a lucky streak (photo:

The horoscope for the end of October promises radical changes in the lives of all representatives of the zodiac constellation. On Saturday, October 28, we can expect a full moon and a lunar eclipse, which will kickstart entirely new and unexpected events in our lives.

For some of the zodiac signs, a lucky streak will begin in the last days of October, according to Spiritualify.


The full moon will be a true beacon for you, opening up new perspectives and beliefs in your life. It will enhance your awareness of profound changes that will touch your spiritual sphere. Right now, you are immersed in a search for grounding and stability, exploring ways of long-term security and comfort.

You will have the opportunity to engage in activities that promote a deep connection with what brings you comfort. It's worth reflecting on your views and beliefs and discarding anything that doesn't help you achieve harmony.

Let go of old thinking patterns and make space for new ideas. Try something new, visit places you haven't been to before, and open yourself to endless possibilities.


The last weekend of October will allow Scorpio to immerse themselves in the realm of self-care and mental health rituals. You will need to contemplate how to ensure long-term stability and comfort in important aspects of your well-being.

Now is the time to acknowledge the need for rest and rejuvenation to replenish your energy and resources. Only this will allow you to move forward and achieve new victories.

Don't worry about missing out on something during your rest. Focus on personal relationships, friendships, hopes, dreams, and support. You should also take a close look at your circle of friends – if necessary, establish clear boundaries.

The energy of the Moon will allow you to resolve any hidden dramas, so decide who fills you with positivity and who makes you feel drained. This is necessary to protect your inner energy and move forward. Remember that past mistakes do not define who you are now.


The Full Moon will illuminate you with gentle light and draw your attention to the world of habits and daily routines that shape your everyday life. You will need to consider how important rituals can bring you joy and comfort. If you find yourself trapped in habits that do not improve your physical well-being, know that significant changes await you, which will rectify everything.

You will need to let go of what is outdated and make room for something new. If you've had a strict daily schedule, it's time to ease it and listen to yourself. This period will serve as a reminder that it's essential to treat yourself with care and take care of your body.

Furthermore, this Full Moon will bring you a dose of fame and recognition and prompt you to reflect on the legacy you will leave in this world. You will have the opportunity to let go of control and focus on your own healing.

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