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Zodiac signs which could break up by the end of October: Horoscope 2023

Zodiac signs which could break up by the end of October: Horoscope 2023 These zodiac signs will break up by the end of October (Photo:

The horoscope for the last week of October warns that some representatives of the zodiac signs may experience sad endings and ruptures in personal relationships. This week will be under the sign of Scorpio, so emotions and feelings will be intense.

Here are zodiac signs that should prepare for difficulties in personal life, according to Your Tango.


The last thing you expect in the coming days is that you and your partner will reach an impasse in your relationship. The situation will require such profound changes that dealing with the tension will be challenging. But believe me, you are decisive when needed, and as the Full Moon approaches, you will find more courage and understanding that the end is inevitable.

Deep down, you understand that you bear the same responsibility for this rupture as your partner. The idea of talking openly again doesn't let you go. But you're already tired of negotiations, and nothing will change, and you know it. Let go of the situation and move on.


This week, there will be too much lunar energy for you to relax. You will feel that your emotions are on a roller coaster. At some point, biting your close person you will find that it partially relieves your stress. And you will realize that continuing this way is impossible, and you've stopped seeing your partner as a loved one, only as a target for releasing negative energy.

This will not only sadden you but also make you realize that perhaps this is the end of the relationship. The initiator of the break will be your partner because they are tired of being your constant target. You can try to save something, but you will have to admit that it is already too late, and your partner is right.


This week, you will see manifestations of what you always suspected and did not want to become a reality. Because after this evidence, a breakup will follow. You have been together with your partner for a long time and started to perceive each other as a matter of course. And if you stay together now, you will be cruel to each other in the future. And enduring this will be impossible.

After October 23, the power of Scorpio will begin to reveal the most negative aspects of your personal life. It is not excluded that a new object of sympathy will appear suddenly. The situation will heat up, but it will show you where you stand with your current partner.


Events in the coming days will shock you, and then you will begin to act because you and your partner will come to a mutual understanding that your relationship has come to an end. You will swallow the consequences of spoken words and begin to understand why all this was necessary.

During the Full Moon, you will find that your strength is returning to you, and the next month will be successful for you. You will think clearly, allowing you to realistically look at what will happen after your breakup. You both will recognize that parting is necessary and inevitable.