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Loud explosions heard in occupied Tokmak, Zaporizhzhia region

Loud explosions heard in occupied Tokmak, Zaporizhzhia region Illustrative photo (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

In the temporarily occupied Tokmak, several explosions were reported on the evening of September 21, according to the mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov.

"Tokmak, good evening. Residents are reporting several loud explosions," wrote the mayor of Melitopol.

According to him, after the explosions, communication in the city was lost for a short period.

Details of the incident are still unknown.

Explosions in the occupation

Explosions have been occurring more frequently in the temporarily occupied territories lately. Usually, they are related to strikes by Ukrainian forces on concentrations of Russian soldiers, equipment, or ammunition depots.

For example, on September 16, it became known that the Ukrainian Armed Forces struck the location of the occupiers and their equipment in Tokmak.

We also reported that the Russians had begun to strengthen the defense of Tokmak against the backdrop of the recent de-occupation of the village of Robotyne, which is located 30 kilometers from the city.