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Lithuania to assist Ukraine in civilian and military demining

Lithuania to assist Ukraine in civilian and military demining Minister of Defense of Lithuania Arvydas Anušauskas (Photo: Getty Images)

Lithuania has presented a new concept for demining in Ukraine. Vilnius aims to assist Kyiv in both humanitarian and combat aspects, according to the Ministry of National Defense of Lithuania.

The new concept envisions Lithuania providing support to Ukraine in both combat and humanitarian demining.

"All final details of the coalition concept will be disclosed in December. Currently, 21 countries are interested in joining the Ukrainian demining coalition," the statement said.

Other topics discussed at Ramstein

The Ministry of Defense of Lithuania noted that during the 17th meeting at Ramstein, countries discussed other coalitions being formed, the potential and course of Russia's war against Ukraine. The latest needs of the Ukrainian army in weapons and new packages of military support were also mentioned.

During the meeting, held at the invitation of U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, it was confirmed that Lithuania would contribute to the G7 declaration in support of Ukraine and continue to consistently strengthen Ukraine's military and defense capabilities.

Lithuania's assistance to Ukraine Lithuania is one of Ukraine's allies, providing assistance to Kyiv not only with weapons and military equipment but also by training Ukrainian military personnel.

Today, it was reported that Lithuania delivered another package of military aid to Ukraine for the Armed Forces.

On November 17, Lithuania handed over a new package of military aid to Ukraine, including generators, field beds, and dry rations.