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Lithuania sends new aid package to Ukraine: What's included

Lithuania sends new aid package to Ukraine: What's included Photo: Lithuania transferred a new batch of weapons to Ukraine (

Lithuania delivered another batch of weapons to Ukraine as part of military aid. In particular, it included shells for Carl Gustaf anti-tank grenade launchers, reports the Ministry of Defense of Lithuania.

According to the statement, in addition to " thousands of anti-tank grenade launcher Carl Gustaf rounds," Ukraine also received "RISE-1 long-range smart initiation system."

Photo: Weapons transferred by Lithuania (

“Our assistance to Ukraine is active and consistent because it is an investment in our own security. We are dedicating most of the most recent assistance efforts to the demining coalition we are assembling for Ukraine,” says Minister of National Defence Arvydas Anušauskas.

Lithuania's aid to Ukraine

Lithuania has been one of the most active allies of Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion. It provides military assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and also supports Ukraine's membership in the European Union and NATO.

In January, Lithuania approved a package of long-term aid to Ukraine for 200 million euros. This was stated by President Gitanas Nauseda during his visit to Kyiv.

Also, the Prime Minister of Lithuania, Ingrid Šimonite, recently called on the European Union to increase aid to Ukraine in order to win over Russia.