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Lithuania joins coalition to strengthen air defense in Ukraine

Lithuania joins coalition to strengthen air defense in Ukraine President of Lithuania Gitanas Nausėda (photo: Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

Lithuania, alongside Germany, France, and the US, has joined the coalition to enhance Ukraine's air defense capabilities, announces Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausėda.

According to Nausėda, Lithuania will contribute to strengthening Ukraine's air defense. Specifically, mobile air surveillance radars will be provided to Ukrainian forces.

"Military support to Ukraine is crucial. Ukraine needs weapons, not promises. Let's walk the talk," Nausėda wrote.

Air defense for Ukraine

Due to the increased Russian shelling since the beginning of 2024, Ukraine has faced a shortage of air defense systems.

In response, Germany proposed creating a coalition to bolster Ukraine's air defense, which has already been joined by several countries. Throughout the spring, Ukrainian authorities have been negotiating with their partners on air defense matters.

As a result, Germany announced the transfer of Patriot systems, and later, it was revealed that the Netherlands also plans to assemble and provide a Patriot system to Ukraine.

Today, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated that Ukraine has already received confirmations from several leaders regarding the enhancement of its air defense capabilities.