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Le Pen can unite with Orban in European Parliament - Bloomberg

Le Pen can unite with Orban in European Parliament - Bloomberg Photo: Marine Le Pen (Getty Images)
Author: Daryna Vialko

Representatives of the pro-Russian Marine Le Pen's political party may leave their Identity and Democracy group in the European Parliament and join the alliance of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, according to Bloomberg.

According to the agency, members of Identity and Democracy plan to meet with EU allies the day after the French elections this weekend, July 6-7. They want to discuss future groups in the European Parliament.

Several members of the group discuss the possibility of joining the new alliance announced this week by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

When asked about a possible alliance with Orban, Le Pen said that her party would consider the options after the elections.

Orban's faction may also be joined by right-wing radicals from Austria, Czechia, and Italy. To be officially recognized, the group must consist of at least seven countries.

Meanwhile, the Identity and Democracy group is on the verge of dissolution - it will cease to exist if at least one member leaves.

What preceded it

Earlier in the French elections to the European Parliament, Le Pen's National Rally party significantly outperformed President Emmanuel Macron's party, the Renaissance.

Against this backdrop, the French President decided to dissolve the Parliament. The first round of elections in France has already taken place. The National Rally has also won there.