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Latvia transfers confiscated cars worth almost €1 million to Ukraine

Latvia transfers confiscated cars worth almost €1 million to Ukraine Latvia donates 271 cars of drunk drivers to Ukraine (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Latvia sent a total of 271 cars confiscated from drunk drivers to Ukraine. As of mid-December, the total value of the confiscated cars is estimated at almost €1 million, according to Delfi.

According to the State Revenue Service, this year 271 cars from Latvia were transferred to Ukraine via the Twitter convoy for a total estimated value of €903,453.

Currently, the government is preparing documents for the transfer of 34 more cars to Ukraine, which are estimated to cost €161,880.

These cars are being delivered to Ukraine by a Twitter convoy led by Reinis Pozniak.

The Twitter convoy of Reinis Pozniak started its work in February 2022. During the project's existence, more than 1,100 different cars worth about 2 million euros have been sent to Ukraine from Latvia, which were sent there every week.

In June of this year, the European Parliament awarded the European Citizen Award to the holder of the Man of Europe in Latvia title, Reinis Pozniak.

Latvian authorities decisions

Latvia has been one of Ukraine's most active allies since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion. It provides our country with military and political assistance.

In November of this year, the Latvian Saeima unanimously adopted amendments to the law on support for the civilian population of Ukraine, which allow the transfer of vehicles confiscated by the state to the Ukrainian government free of charge as support for Ukrainian society.

Thus, it was possible to transfer to Ukraine those vehicles that were confiscated in Latvia from drivers who were driving under the influence of alcohol.

In addition, the Latvian Saeima allowed all movable property to be transferred to Ukraine, including cars owned by the parliament.