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Latvia's parliament allows to transfer mobile property to Ukraine

Latvia's parliament allows to transfer mobile property to Ukraine Illustrative photo (Getty Images)

Latvia's parliament has approved the transfer of all movable property, including cars, owned by the parliament to Ukraine. This information was reported by RBC-Ukraine, citing LSM.

Since mid-February of this year, Latvian law has allowed the transfer of vehicles confiscated from drunk drivers to Ukraine, a practice that has already been successfully implemented. Additionally, local authorities have the right to donate funds or property to Ukraine in response to Russia's aggression.

The amendments, approved by the Latvian parliament in the final reading, also permit other official structures to transfer movable property to Ukraine free of charge. However, each case will require a corresponding decision from the Cabinet of Ministers.

Simultaneously, under the new regulations, the Latvian parliament can independently transfer its property to Kyiv based on parliamentary work regulations.

According to the Electronic Procurement System, the Latvian parliament owns 71 units of equipment, and in November, a tender was announced for the purchase of OCTA insurance policies for over 60 cars, a cargo van, two trailers, and a tractor. The parliament's fleet mainly consists of Audi A6 cars.

Moreover, the same amendments extended Latvia's program of primary assistance, including housing and food, to Ukrainian refugees arriving in Latvia until the end of 2024.

Latvia's assistance to Ukraine

Latvia has been one of Ukraine's most active allies since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion. It provides military and political support to Ukraine.

The Latvian parliament, in particular, has called on NATO to invite Ukraine to join the Alliance.

Additionally, Latvia has reached an agreement with Canada for a joint training program for Ukrainian defenders. On August 25, it was announced that another Mi-17 helicopter would be transferred to Ukraine