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Latvia may mine border with Russia and Belarus

Latvia may mine border with Russia and Belarus Archive photo: Latvia may mine the border with Russia and Belarus (facebook com rs gov lv)

Latvia wants to block possible infiltration routes for enemy forces on the border with Belarus and Russia, according to Commander of the National Guard, Kaspars Pudans.

Pudans, discussing the strengthening of Latvia's external border, stated that in addition to implementing additional measures to protect the border, existing infrastructure will also be utilized.

Efforts will be made to block the pathways of enemy forces entering Latvia, including neglected roads, bridges, and railway tracks.

"The goal is to reduce the number of corridors along the border with Belarus and Russia through which they could launch their attack. This is, of course, a comprehensive measure that includes the use of both explosive and non-explosive barriers. It involves intelligence activities, fire application measures, and possibly measures related to deception," explained Pudans.


The Commander of the National Guard did not go into detail on how barriers would be created on neglected roads, bridges, and railway tracks, but emphasized that such plans are already in development.

Pudans noted that if necessary, minefields will be created along the border. Currently, work is underway to determine the specific locations for these minefields.

"However, we are specifically talking about anti-tank mines, as the goal is to prevent enemy military vehicles from penetrating into Latvian territory. These mines can be activated remotely," he said.

Latvia and its attitude towards Russia amid the war in Ukraine

The Latvian government extended existing restrictions on the entry of Russian citizens into the country for another year.

Additionally, Latvia has reintroduced mandatory military service for men of a certain age to deter Russia from invading Europe.

Latvian President Edgars Rinkēvičs believes that dictator Vladimir Putin is obsessed with the idea of restoring the Russian Empire. He asserts that Latvians must be prepared for hybrid warfare.