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Kyivstar mobile operator stabilizes communication in Kyiv and restores roaming services

Kyivstar mobile operator stabilizes communication in Kyiv and restores roaming services Kyivstar has stabilized communication in Kyiv and restored roaming (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Ukrainian mobile operator Kyivstar has restored its international voice roaming service. The company has also managed to stabilize the connection in Kyiv, the company's press service says in a commentary to RBC-Ukraine.

The company reports that LTE is working in several regions.

"This hacker attack has turned into a marathon of work for many hours. But our network is recovering from a large-scale cyberattack. And finally, we can say that LTE is working in several areas!" the statement reads.

The connection is still ongoing. Given the danger, Kyivstar cannot disclose the exact locations yet.

"Kyivstar's network is being restored after the largest cyberattack in the telecom industry," the press service says.

What has been restored

Over the past 24 hours, the company's specialists have restored international voice roaming, eliminated the problem with call drops, and stabilized communication in Kyiv.

Currently, over 95% of mobile base stations in government-controlled areas are in good working order.

Subscribers have access to voice communications, including international roaming, and Home Internet services.

Access to mobile data services was restored yesterday, particularly in western Ukraine.

What else is to be done

Today, the company plans to further restore data services.

"The technical work is being carried out gradually, in compliance with all safety requirements," Kyivstar's press service says.

They also emphasize that the company will inform about 100% service availability upon completion of all stabilization measures.

Problems that may arise

Subscribers were warned that in some localities there may still be short-term difficulties with the quality of communication, but the company's specialists are fixing them.

Users are also advised that if their SIM card is not registered in the network, they need to restart the phone or turn on and off the airplane mode. Selecting a network in the phone settings also helps.

Kyivstar outage due to cyberattack

On December 12, Kyivstar Telecommunications Company experienced a large-scale outage. Officially, the network was attacked by hackers, which has resulted in an eight-count case.

Due to the outage, subscribers across the country reported no mobile service, as well as the failure of the operator's website and mobile application. In addition, there was no access to the Internet.

The outage also caused problems with ATMs and POS terminals, and the air raid warning system went down in many cities.

Currently, the company is gradually resuming operations. Yesterday, the operator started restoring mobile Internet in Ukraine, and it is already available in the Ivano-Frankivsk region.