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Kilometer-long queues and blocked checkpoints: Report from Polish border

Kilometer-long queues and blocked checkpoints: Report from Polish border Photo: long queues on the Polish-Ukrainian border (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

The situation at the Polish-Ukrainian border has once again escalated since February 2024. This time, it's farmers who are blocking the checkpoints. They demand a complete ban on the export of Ukrainian agricultural products.

Find out more about the developments at the Ukraine-Poland border in the report by RBC-Ukraine.

RBC-Ukraine correspondents have spoken with Ukrainian drivers who are stuck at the border. They complained about the conditions in the queues. Ukrainian movement is being monitored by the Polish police.

"They don't allow us to go anywhere. More cars arrive immediately and tell us to stay in our vehicles. You could say we're being held hostage," said one of the drivers.

Both exit and entry checkpoints to Ukraine are blocked by protesters, and the movement of trucks is almost completely halted.

According to the drivers, they have to stand at the border for over 10 days to enter Ukraine. There are long lines of trucks at the checkpoints.

Ukrainian border blockade

In February, protests at the Polish-Ukrainian border resumed. Checkpoints are being blocked by farmers, who recently began dumping Ukrainian grain. Poland promises to find those responsible.

Additionally, Polish farmers have claimed blockades at checkpoints on the borders with Germany and Lithuania.

Recently, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced negotiations for the temporary closure of the border for goods exchange. However, Ukraine states that no such negotiations are taking place.