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Kharkiv can sigh with relief: Ukrainian forces detect no Russian preparations for new offensive

Kharkiv can sigh with relief: Ukrainian forces detect no Russian preparations for new offensive Illustrative photo (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

In the Armed Forces of Ukraine, there are no indications of Russia's preparations for an offensive on Kharkiv. The military will be able to foresee such actions in advance, reports the Public Relations Chief of the Ground Forces Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Volodymyr Fitio.

"Any formation of an offensive grouping requires time, resources, and trained personnel. Currently, Russia has engaged substantial forces in the offensive operation in Ukraine," the statement reads.

According to him, their numbers along the entire front line are significant, and to form any additional offensive unit at any section of the front, extensive preparatory actions are needed. If such preparatory actions were underway, we would have seen and taken measures against them.

"At present, there are no such reasons, so Kharkiv can breathe freely. But the enemy is formidable, possesses numerous resources, learns quickly on the battlefield, and disregards human losses. We understand their weaknesses and counteract," adds Fitio.

Background information

An article in the British newspaper The Telegraph, dated January 4, 2023, reported statements from the Kharkiv authorities regarding intensified shelling by Russian forces.

The Telegraph also referenced military intelligence sources indicating that Russian forces might escalate air attacks over the weekend to coincide with Russia's Christmas, celebrated on January 7.

As per the sources, this might potentially precede a new "ground offensive by Russia in the Kharkiv region," with a speculated start date around January 15.

While the Ukrainian intelligence did not confirm this information, they noted that there was indeed some accumulation of enemy forces.

Fitio also stated previously that Russian military forces had been attempting to assault the Kupiansk direction since October, albeit unsuccessfully.