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Journalist Tucker Carlson announces interview with Zelenskyy

Journalist Tucker Carlson announces interview with Zelenskyy President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy (Photo: Vitalii Nosach/RBC-Ukraine)

Scandalous American journalist Tucker Carlson said in his X post that he allegedly received permission to interview the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

According to him, these attempts lasted for two years, and especially intensively after the February interview with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

At the same time, Carlson explained the initiative for his conversation with the Ukrainian president with the need to give US citizens "the much-needed information about the conflict" that affects the country's position on the world stage.

"Looks like we've got the Zelenskyy interview. We've been trying for two years, and with particular intensity after interviewing Putin in February. The point is to bring Americans much-needed information about the conflict that's completely reshaping their country's position in the world," the commentator wrote.

Carlson does not specify when exactly the material will appear, but he expresses hope that it will be "soon."

Скандальний журналіст Карлсон анонсував інтерв'ю із Зеленським

Carlson's scandalous reputation and the Putin interview

On February 6, during a visit to Russia, Carlson announced plans to interview Putin. According to him, this is necessary because "most Americans have no idea why he (Putin, ed.) invaded Ukraine and what his goals are now."

Already on February 9, the interview appeared online, and as expected, the Russian president made a series of scandalous statements and justifications regarding the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. For example, Putin fantasized that Warsaw provoked the leader of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler because it "turned out to be uncompromising."

More details on what Putin said in the interview with Carlson can be found in the RBC-Ukraine article.

Notably, at the end of February, Tucker himself mocked Putin's words in this interview, particularly regarding "denazification."

More details on who Tucker Carlson is and why he is called the "American Solovyov" can be found in the RBC-Ukraine article.