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Japan raises fighter jets to intercept Russian plane

Japan raises fighter jets to intercept Russian plane Japan said it had scrambled fighter jets after two Russian Il-38 aircraft were spotted (Photo: Getty Images)

Japan raises its fighter jets to intercept a Russian military surveillance aircraft, an IL-38, according to Reuters.

The move was prompted by two Russian IL-38 planes flying between the Japanese and East China Seas, where Russia and China are conducting joint military naval patrols and exercises.

The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that Russian and Chinese Navy ships are jointly patrolling the Pacific Ocean and conducting military naval exercises in the East China Sea.

"In the East China Sea, an exercise was conducted to replenish ships with water and fuel supplies from support vessels," the minister reported.

The increased activity of Russian military air forces occurred a day after Japan spotted Russian and Chinese naval ships crossing the waters between the southern Japanese islands of Okinawa and Miyako.

Previously, the U.S. anti-aircraft defense detected the approach of four Russian military aircraft near Alaska.
Furthermore, American fighter jets intercepted two Russian Tu-95 strategic bombers in April.

Last summer, the Russian State Duma threatened the United States with plans to "reclaim" Alaska through a pseudo-referendum.