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Japan quake: Number of casualties increased again

Japan quake: Number of casualties increased again Photo: the number of victims of the devastating earthquake in Japan has increased again (Getty Images)

The number of casualties from a series of powerful earthquakes that occurred in Japan on January 1 has increased to 180 people, with 81 of them perishing in the city of Wadzima, according to Kyodo.

It is also reported that at least 120 people are considered missing. Emergency services are unable to contact them to confirm their whereabouts. The number of injured individuals stands at 565. Approximately 28,000 residents from the earthquake-affected areas continue to stay in evacuation centers.

The police in Japan report that due to the infrastructure damage, roads are blocked in several locations, leaving at least 3,300 people, mainly in the cities of Wadzima and Suzu, in difficult situations.

To improve the living conditions of the affected individuals, the prefecture is implementing a "secondary evacuation" initiative, where people are relocated from current evacuation sites to hotels and inns.

Earthquake in Japan

On January 1, a powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 7.6 was recorded in Japan. Following this, a series of strong aftershocks occurred throughout the day - over 100 were recorded within 12 hours.

As of the evening of January 1, only four deaths were known as a result of the earthquakes. However, the number of confirmed victims rapidly increased. Earlier on Tuesday evening, 57 deaths were reported due to the earthquakes in Japan.

Later, it was reported that the number of victims of the strong earthquake had increased to 92 people, with the whereabouts of 242 still unknown. Also, as a result of the earthquake and tsunami, more than 10 national highways were blocked by landslides.

On the evening of Saturday, January 6, it became known that the death toll from the earthquake in Japan had risen to 126 people. 210 people were considered missing.