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Powerful earthquake hits Japan: Over 50 dead

Powerful earthquake hits Japan: Over 50 dead Photo: Over fifty fatalities in Japan due to earthquake (Getty Images)

In Japan, 57 people have died due to powerful earthquakes, and buildings in several populated areas of the country have been severely damaged, reports Kyodo.

As the publication notes, today, on January 2, rescuers tried to find the victims under the rubble of buildings after the earthquakes. However, the full extent of the destruction remains unknown, and debris and damaged roads hinder the delivery of aid and rescue operations.

According to the Ishikawa prefecture, among the 57 victims are 24 people in the city of Wajima, 20 in the city of Suzu, and five in the city of Nanao.

"The situation is devastating, as about 90 percent of houses have been completely or nearly completely destroyed," said the mayor of Suzu Masuhiro Izumiya.

Over 100 earthquakes in Japan

Recall that yesterday, on January 1, it became known about strong earthquakes in Japan. In total, over 100 were recorded within 12 hours. The most powerful one had a magnitude of 7.6.

As of the evening of January 1, only four deaths were known as a result of the earthquakes.

The United States has already offered assistance to those affected by the disaster.