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Italy seizes Chinese-made attack drones destined for Libya

Italy seizes Chinese-made attack drones destined for Libya Illustrative photo: Italy seized Chinese-made attack drones (Getty Images)
Author: Daryna Vialko

In one of the ports of Italy, Chinese-made attack drones were seized. They were destined for Libya, according to Reuters.

According to the police, the disassembled drones were disguised among replicas of wind turbine blades. This cargo was found in six containers in the port of Gioia Tauro, in the southern region of Calabria.

The drones were confiscated because Libya, which is in the midst of a civil war, is subject to an international arms embargo.

Reuters reminds that Italian media published information about the interception of drones last month. According to them, the drones were discovered in Italy on June 18.

The journalists specified that the cargo was seized on a container ship en route from the southern Chinese port of Yantian to Benghazi, a port in eastern Libya.

Last year, the media reported that Russia wanted to build a military base in Libya. According to journalists, this would allow Russia to spy on the entire European Union.