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Israeli army eliminated three sons of Hamas leader Haniyeh

Israeli army eliminated three sons of Hamas leader Haniyeh Archive photo:Ismail Haniyeh (

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) eliminated three sons of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh in a strike in the northern Gaza Strip, reported a representative of Israel's intelligence service.

Pro-Hamas media outlets also reported the deaths of two of Haniyah's grandsons, with a third being injured. The IDF clarified that they were militants of the terrorist group.

Amir Haniyeh was a commander in the military wing of Hamas, while Hazem and Mohammad Haniyeh were lower-ranking militants also in the military wing. An Israeli representative reported that the three sons were heading to carry out terrorist activities in the central Gaza area when they were targeted.

Haniyeh, based in Qatar, confirmed their deaths and said, "thank(s) God for bestowing upon us the honor of their martyrdom."

Ismail Haniyeh

Ismail Haniyeh is one of the leaders of the Hamas group, since 2017 - head of the organization's political bureau. He is a dollar billionaire. The US State Department recognized him as a terrorist in 2018.

Israel's war against Hamas

Last autumn militants of the terrorist group HAMAS attacked Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip. In response, Israel deployed troops to the Gaza Strip and began a military operation to eliminate HAMAS.

In mid-March, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that Israel was close to completing the final part of military operations in the Gaza Strip. As the Israeli Prime Minister declared, the military operation could end in approximately a month or two.

However, as Netanyahu stated, the Israeli military intends to continue its advance towards the city of Rafah on the southern border of the Gaza Strip. Although US President Joe Biden previously warned in an interview that such an advance could be a "red line."

Earlier it was reported that the Israeli Defense Army withdrew almost all of its troops from the southern part of the Gaza Strip on the night of April 7. Currently, according to Israeli media reports, only one brigade, Nahal, remains in the enclave.

The White House stated that the withdrawal of Israeli Defense Forces from the southern part of the Gaza Strip is associated with the reorganization of personnel and for rest purposes.

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