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Israel summoned ambassadors of Belgium and Spain: Reason named

Israel summoned ambassadors of Belgium and Spain: Reason named Israel summoned the ambassadors of Belgium and Spain (photo: Getty Images)

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the ambassadors of Spain and Belgium on November 24 in response to comments made by the leaders of their respective countries regarding Israel's ground operation in the Gaza Strip, according to AP.

On November 24, during a visit to the Rafah border crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo stated that the Israeli ground operation must respect international humanitarian law and condemned the destruction in the Gaza Strip.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, in turn, declared that indiscriminate killings of innocent civilians are absolutely unacceptable.

In a separate statement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the comments of European leaders. In the statement released by the Israeli Prime Minister's Office, De Croo and Sanchez were accused of not placing full responsibility on the Hamas group for crimes against humanity – the mass murders of Israeli citizens.

The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs promptly responded by summoning the Israeli ambassador to explain the untrue and unacceptable accusations against the Spanish Prime Minister.

Invasion of Hamas militants into Israel

At the beginning of October, Hamas militants launched a large-scale invasion into Israel. During the attack, they killed and abducted both military personnel and civilians. In response, Israel announced the commencement of a ground operation against the terrorists.

Afterwards, IDF (Israel Defense Forces) fighters reached the command post of Hamas militants in Al-Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip and destroyed hundreds of underground tunnels in Gaza. Israeli forces also demolished the Gaza parliament building, which was being used by Hamas militants.

In the night of November 23, Israel approved a deal with Hamas for the release of hostages abducted in the Gaza Strip. The agreement includes a temporary ceasefire.