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Israel struck Iran with three missiles: Target revealed

Israel struck Iran with three missiles: Target revealed Illustrative photo: Israeli fighter jets attacked Iran (flickr by Ken Koller)

During the strike on Iranian territory, which occurred today, April 19, Israel used three missiles. Israeli military targeted an air defense radar complex, reports ABC News.

An unnamed American official revealed that the air defense radar complex near the city of Isfahan, which became the target of Israeli fighter jets, is part of the defense system of an Iranian nuclear facility.

According to preliminary assessments, the strike disabled the radar complex, but these are not final data, clarified the ABC News source.

He also added that Israel aimed to demonstrate with such an attack that it possesses similar capabilities but does not seek escalation.

Israel's response strike

Iranian military forces conducted a mass shelling of Israel overnight from April 13 to 14, using drones and missiles.

In turn, Israel's response occurred today, April 19. IDF forces also employed missiles and drones during the attack.

Sources from ABC News reported that an "object was struck" on Iranian territory. Explosions were heard near a military base near the city of Isfahan.