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Israel conducts air strike on Iranian territory

Israel conducts air strike on Iranian territory A series of explosions occurred near the Iranian city of Isfahan (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Israeli Defense Forces have launched an airstrike on Iranian territory, targeting undisclosed military installations. Iranian military sources have confirmed the downing of several drones near the city of Isfahan, although no missiles were detected, according to ABC News.

According to sources cited by the American media, Israeli missiles struck a facility within Iran's borders.

Iran's Fars news agency reports explosions near Isfahan's airport, with their cause remaining unknown. Additionally, Fars reports three explosions near the Shekarī military airbase in the vicinity of Isfahan.

Iranian military officials have claimed the successful interception of multiple drones, asserting that no missile attacks have occurred at present.

"Iran's anti-aircraft defense has successfully downed several drones. There have been no reports of missile attacks," said Hossain Dalirian, a spokesperson for Iran's space agency.

Iranian television has broadcasted claims of three drones being brought down by air defense forces over Isfahan.

Isfahan province hosts several Iranian nuclear facilities, including the Natanz uranium enrichment plant, though Iranian media assures that these sites remain unscathed.

"Atomic facilities in Isfahan province are fully secure," reports Tasnim agency, citing reliable sources.

Israel has assured the United States that its missiles are not aimed at Iranian nuclear sites, as per CNN, citing a high-ranking American official.

Fox News describes the strike as "limited," citing a well-informed military source.

The New York Times quotes three Iranian officials confirming an attack on a military airbase near Isfahan, withholding information on the attacking country.

Iranian media reports flight suspensions over Isfahan, Shiraz, and Tehran, with all flights at Imam Khomeini Airport canceled. CNN reports several flights rerouted away from the country's airspace.

This development follows Iran's large-scale assault on Israel using drones and missiles, launched from Iranian territory and proxies in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen.

The attack was purportedly in retaliation for Israel's strike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus on April 1, which resulted in the deaths of several Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps generals.

Over 200 drones and approximately 150 missiles were launched towards Israel, with the majority intercepted by Israeli and allied defenses, except for a few ballistic missiles.

US forces, supported by naval assets in the region, claim to have shot down over 80 kamikaze drones and at least six ballistic missiles originating from Iran and Yemen.

Israel has vowed a response to Iran's aggression, though Western powers urge restraint.

While the US pledges continued support for Israel's defense, it has declined participation in any potential retaliatory strikes initiated by Tel Aviv.