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Israel strikes Gaza school, resulting in at least 16 deaths - BBC

Israel strikes Gaza school, resulting in at least 16 deaths - BBC Illustrative photo (Getty Images)

At least 16 people died as a result of an Israeli airstrike on a school in the Gaza Strip. Dozens more were injured, informs BBC.

According to the Hamas-run Ministry of Health, the building housed a Nuseirat refugee camp, where thousands of displaced persons were staying.

It is also reported that a separate airstrike on a building in the camp killed 10 people.

The IDF stated that it targeted "terrorists operating in structures located in the area of Al-Jaouni School."

In a statement posted on social media X, the Israel Defense Forces said they made "numerous steps" to "mitigate the risk of harming civilians, including the use of precise aerial surveillance and additional intelligence."

It is noted that Hamas militants used this place as a "human shield" for attacks on IDF forces.

"Hamas continues to systematically violate international law by exploiting civilian structures and the civilian population as human shields for its terrorist attacks against the State of Israel," the post said.

Eyewitnesses told the BBC that the strike targeted the upper floors of the school, located near a busy market.

A local source told the British agency that the target was a room allegedly used by Hamas police.

Hamas stated that among the dead were five local journalists and members of their families.

Yesterday it became known that Hamas gave its initial approval to the US-backed proposal for a phased ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. The group abandoned its key demand, according to which Israel was supposed to completely stop the war.