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Israel floods Hamas underground tunnels in Gaza, WSJ

Israel floods Hamas underground tunnels in Gaza, WSJ Israeli forces flood Hamas underground tunnels in Gaza (Photo: GettyImages)

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has begun flooding Hamas underground tunnels in Gaza, according to The Wall Street Journal.

According to U.S. officials familiar with Israeli military operations, the IDF has begun pumping seawater into the system of underground tunnels of the Palestinian militant group Hamas in Gaza.

It is worth noting that earlier, the Israeli Defense Forces Chief of Staff, Herzi Galevi, said that flooding the tunnels was a "good idea" but did not provide details.

The publication notes that the process of flooding Hamas tunnels in Gaza began sometime last month.

The war between Israel and Hamas

As a reminder, Hamas militants invaded Israel on October 7. The terrorists began killing and kidnapping both military and civilians. Soon after, Jerusalem announced Operation Iron Swords and shelled terrorist sites in the Gaza Strip.

On November 24, a temporary truce began between Israel and Hamas to release prisoners. At the same time, the parties agreed to a ceasefire for four days but decided to extend it for another two days on the condition that the militants release more hostages.

On December 1, Israel resumed hostilities in the Gaza Strip. The IDF stated that Hamas had violated the terms of the ceasefire.

Currently, the Israel Defense Forces continue operations in the south of the Gaza Strip. It has already surrounded Khan Younis, the second largest city, and even made its way to its center.