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Israel and Hamas discussing ceasefire extension for two more days - Bloomberg

Israel and Hamas discussing ceasefire extension for two more days - Bloomberg Photo: Israel and Hamas discussing two-day extension of ceasefire (Getty Images)

Israel is discussing with Hamas the extension of the ceasefire for another two days. For this to happen, the militants must fulfill Tel Aviv's conditions, reports Bloomberg.

According to an unnamed source from the publication, the possibility of extending the ceasefire is becoming increasingly likely. Negotiators, including those from Qatar and the United States, insist on this.

The source told journalists that negotiations on extending the ceasefire for two days are still ongoing behind closed doors via Qatar.

An unnamed senior Israeli official stated that his country insists on the release of more hostages and, in that case, agrees to extend the current ceasefire.

He mentioned that even after the release of hostages on Wednesday, over two dozen women and children would still be in the hands of militants. He added that if these hostages are released, Israel is ready to discuss a new deal.

Ceasefire between Israel and Hamas

It's worth noting that today, November 29, is the last day of the six-day ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. Overall, the militants have released over 60 hostages.

The ceasefire began on November 24, and at that time, the conflict parties agreed to a four-day ceasefire.

Afterward, Israel and Hamas decided to extend the ceasefire for two more days on the condition that the militants release more hostages.

Today, on November 29, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu assured that his country would continue military operations in the Gaza Strip after the return of hostages.