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Israel decides on response to Iranian missile and drone attack - Times of Israel

Israel decides on response to Iranian missile and drone attack - Times of Israel Photo: Israel has decided how to respond to Iran's attacks (Getty Images)

Today, April 16, a military cabinet was held in Israel, which was dedicated to response to the Iranian missile attack, informs The Times of Israel.

According to the media reports, the Israeli military cabinet convened in a reduced format today. During the meeting, the response to the Iranian missile attack and drone launches was discussed.

As stated by a source cited by the agency, Israel currently believes that there is nothing wrong with making Iran guess by delaying a potential response.

"Let them be anxious," the source said.

According to the source, the response could be "within Iran or outside Iran." However, the position of the majority in the government is that Israel must decisively respond to Iran's unprecedented attack.

Other media outlets also reported that Israel has decided on its response to Iran's attack. In particular, correspondent Gili Cohen of Channel 11 referred to an anonymous source in Jerusalem, without providing any further details.

Shelling of Israel

During the night of April 13-14, Iranian forces launched a massive strike on Israel. They utilized over 300 drones, ballistic, and cruise missiles in their attack.

According to Iran, their strike was in response to Israel's attack on the consulate in Syria, where a building was completely destroyed, and one of Iran's high-ranking generals was killed as a result of the shelling.

Following the attack, Israeli officials are discussing a response to Iran. According to journalists, in the US, it is expected that Israel will choose one of the less aggressive options, which may involve strikes outside Iranian territory.