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US expects Israel to pursue one of less aggressive options in response to Iran - NBC News

US expects Israel to pursue one of less aggressive options in response to Iran - NBC News Illustrative photo: Israel may respond to an Iranian strike (Getty Images)

American officials believe that Israel's response to a mass Iranian military strike will be limited in scale and may include attacks beyond Iran's borders, informs NBC News

Unnamed American officials told the agency that potential Israeli responses to Iran's attack ranged from no military action to strikes on Iranian territory.

Sources from NBC News noted that since Iran's attack did not result in Israeli casualties or extensive damage, Israel may respond with one of its less aggressive options - strikes beyond Iran's borders.

Three American officials clarified that such options may include strikes on Syrian territory, but not on senior Iranian generals, rather on shipments or warehouses with modern missile parts, weapons, or components being sent from Iran to Hezbollah.

However, the sources of the journalists clarified that the United States would not participate in response to Iran. NBC News correspondents expect the Israeli government to share its plans in advance.

Attack on Israel

On the night of April 13-14, Iranian forces launched a massive strike against Israel, using over 300 drones as well as ballistic and cruise missiles.

This occurred after Israel's strike destroyed the Iranian consulate in Syria. As a result of the attack, a high-ranking general of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps was killed.

Representatives of Israel have repeatedly stated that the country has the right to respond to such an attack by Iran. According to media reports, Israel's Defense Minister Yoav Galant has already warned in a conversation with Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin that Israel has no choice but to respond.