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Israel announces military operation in Gaza's main hospital

Israel announces military operation in Gaza's main hospital Israel announces military operation in Gaza's main hospital (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

The Israeli Defense Forces have initiated a military operation in the Shifa hospital in the Gaza Strip, which is used as the base of the Hamas terrorist group, according to the Israeli army.

"The IDF is conducting a ground operation in Gaza to defeat Hamas and rescue our hostages. Israel is at war with Hamas, not with the civilians in Gaza," the statement reads.

Military officials emphasized that their ranks include brigades of medics and experts who speak Arabic. These individuals have undergone special training with the aim of ensuring the safety of the civilian population, which Hamas uses as a human shield.

The Israeli army highlighted that in recent weeks, the IDF has repeatedly warned publicly that the continued military use of the Shifa hospital by Hamas jeopardizes its protected status under international law. Ample time was provided to cease this illegal exploitation of the hospital.

"Yesterday, the IDF conveyed to the relevant authorities in Gaza once again that all military activities within the hospital must cease within 12 hours. Unfortunately, it did not," added the military.

Israel's war with Hamas

In early October, Hamas militants launched a large-scale invasion into Israel, killing and kidnapping both military and civilian residents. In response, Israel declared a military operation against the militants called Operation Iron Swords.

As part of this operation, the IDF expanded its ground offensive in the Gaza Strip, deploying troops and equipment to the region.

According to the Israeli Defense Forces, Hamas lost control of the northern part of the Gaza Strip, as tens of thousands of people have moved to the southern side.

It has also been reported that the White House has information indicating that Hamas militants in Gaza are using hospitals and tunnels beneath them to hold hostages and store weapons.