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Is it flirting or just a nice chat? Here's how to tell if someone is interested in you

Is it flirting or just a nice chat? Here's how to tell if someone is interested in you How to recognize flirting (photo: Freepik)

Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between flirting and having a nice conversation with someone of the opposite sex. In some cases, the line between these terms is really thin, but there are still certain signs that will help you clearly understand if the person you're talking to has an intimate interest in you, according to the psychological health page at Pleso on Instagram.

How to recognize flirting

"In nice communication, a person tries to be pleasant, sociable, and charismatic in order to have normal contact with other people. Just to communicate effectively with others," explains psychotherapist Iryna Yefimtsova.

She adds that flirting is a behavioral strategy when a person tries to show intimate interest in a hypothetical partner. This strategy has sexual overtones.

"What are the signs of flirting? Watch how the person looks at you. They may give many more compliments than is usual in interpersonal communication. In this way, the individual shows interest in the person and introduces himself or herself," says Efimtsova.

She also explains how to distinguish between flirting and nice communication.

"It can be done directly, for example, by asking: "Are you flirting with me now?" Or you can rely on your feelings when you think that someone is interested in you not just as a person, but as a woman or a man," says the psychotherapist.

10 non-obvious signs of flirting

It's worth analyzing a person's behavior and how he/she communicates. Be sure to look for the following signs of flirting. Namely:

  • person's behavior changes when you are present
  • movements reveal nervousness
  • he/she often tries to catch your eye
  • always laughs at your jokes
  • tries to be around you, even if there is no real reason for it
  • can't stop smiling
  • is completely focused on communicating with you
  • asks a lot of questions
  • this person actively comments on your posts on social media and writes often
  • in the circle of friends, he/she always try to be near you