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Iran develops new 'explosive' drone for Russia's war against Ukraine

Iran develops new 'explosive' drone for Russia's war against Ukraine Iran develops new drone for Russia's war against Ukraine (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Iran has developed a new explosive and reconnaissance combat drone, Shahed-107, for Russia, which the aggressor nation plans to use for attacks against Ukraine, according to Sky News.

An informed Sky News source in security services asserts that Iran has designed the Shahed-107 as a new combat drone for Russia's war against Ukraine. It also appears to be close to providing the aggressor nation with ground-to-ground missiles.

The Shahed-107 is described as an explosive and reconnaissance drone, possibly equipped with technology for identifying military targets, such as British and American multiple launch rocket systems used by Ukrainian forces.

The source also revealed that several units of the specially designed drone may have been offered to Russia as part of a deal estimated at over $2 million.

According to the source, this reflects the significant efforts in force design that Iran is undertaking to support Russia's interests in relation to Ukraine.

The Shahed-107 belongs to the family of unmanned aerial vehicles Shahed-101 with a V-shaped configuration.

With a length of about 2.5 meters and a wingspan of three meters, the drone can be launched from a transport vehicle and is estimated to have a range of up to 1500 km.

It is expected to be equipped with a transmitter for video transmission. Such reconnaissance capabilities mean that the drone can be used to identify targets on the front line for engagement by other UAVs or weapon systems.

The security service source claims that Iranian security forces conducted tests with Russians at an airbase in central Iran, which included Shahed-107 and Shahed-136 drones.

Furthermore, the partnership between Iran and Russia will become even more significant after the aggressor nation receives Iranian ground-to-ground ballistic missiles.

Russia-Iran cooperation

Russia actively utilizes Iranian drones of the Shahed type for attacks on Ukrainian territory. Initially, both countries denied their collaboration, despite numerous pieces of evidence, but in November 2022, Tehran changed its stance and acknowledged involvement.

The countries have also recently agreed to counter Western sanctions. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov deemed this a crucial step in enhancing coordination among members of the global community to overcome illegal sanctions.

In particular, it was revealed in November that Russia is constructing a factory for Shahed drone production.

Moreover, Russia plans to purchase short-range ballistic missiles from Iran, with deliveries possibly taking place as early as this spring.