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iPhone allows installing third-party app stores: Details

iPhone allows installing third-party app stores: Details Apple allowed third-party app stores for iPhone (Photo: Unsplash)

Apple has announced significant changes to the functioning of its App Store. One of the most notable changes is the permission to use third-party app stores on iPhones, but this applies only to European Union countries, according to the Apple press center on the official website.

Details of the changes

This feature will be available with the release of iOS 17.4 in March of the current year. It will only apply to platforms previously approved by the corporation after a thorough review to ensure user safety.

Downloading the marketplaces themselves will have to be done from official websites. They can be set as the default app store instead of the App Store.

Also, developers of iPhone browsers will have the option to use third-party engines, but this innovation also applies only to European Union countries.

In addition, Apple has allowed the placement of apps from game streaming services on the App Store. This change has already taken effect and, unlike previous changes, applies globally. iPhone owners can soon install apps from cloud services such as Xbox Cloud Gaming and NVIDIA GeForce Now without using web apps.

These compromises from Apple became necessary due to introducing a new antimonopoly law on digital markets in the European Union. Otherwise, companies could have been deprived of the ability to sell their devices in the EU territory.

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We will also remind you that Apple continues to work on supporting 6G connectivity.