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Invaders bring Russian doctors to occupied districts of Zaporizhzhia region

Invaders bring Russian doctors to occupied districts of Zaporizhzhia region Russians bring doctors to the occupied Zaporizhzhia region (photo: Russian media)

Occupiers lack doctors in hospitals and are forced to bring doctors from Russia to temporarily occupied territories because they do not trust the locals, according to the National Resistance Center (NRC).

It is noted that doctors are brought on a rotational basis, as Russians are not eager to live in the liberated region despite money from the Kremlin. This time, the occupiers brought gastroenterologists from Udmurtia to the occupied Zaporizhzhia region, who arrived at hospitals.

"It is interesting that officially, doctors arrive in the region during their vacation, meaning Moscow traditionally does not recognize its missteps, and in case of an unfortunate incident, their families should not expect payments, and they should not expect privileges," the statement said.

Situation in the occupied districts of the Zaporizhzhia region

In the occupied Zaporizhzhia region, the Russian authorities are nationalizing apartments abandoned by Ukrainians.

Moreover, in the temporarily occupied territories of the Zaporizhzhia region, unemployment is rising, high prices are observed even for essential goods, and there are delays of up to two months in salaries for employees of enterprises and organizations.

Additionally, Russian forces in the occupied territories of Ukraine have announced the appointment of killers to top positions in the administration.