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If attention shifts from war, we will correct this mistake: Zelenskyy's warns Ukrainian officials

If attention shifts from war, we will correct this mistake: Zelenskyy's warns Ukrainian officials President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called on Ukrainian officials to work harder towards Ukraine's victory. He stated that he would now more closely monitor situations in regions and communities. according to the president's remarks during the Congress of Ukrainian Communities.

According to him, he plans to devote maximum attention to the situations in different regions and communities. The president emphasized that the life of the country and its people needs protection from Russian aggression.

"If someone in any position, whether in public service or local government, believes that the war is happening somewhere else and they can focus on other priority issues, it is a significant mistake that needs to be corrected, and we will correct it. I believe that we all must be mature and understand what we are dealing with locally and that there are no separated communities," Zelenskyy said.

Additionally, the president noted that due to issues related to the war and Ukraine's Eurointegration, he previously didn't pay enough attention to situations in the regions. However, he asserted that this will change now.

"I will focus, but I ask you not to allow me to spend time on such activity. We all want everything to be done for our victory... I earnestly request not to distract us from the war. It's a big plea, not for everyone, but there are such people. The main task is defending our state. If someone doesn't know what is happening on the front and has forgotten who our neighbor is - I want to remind you that defense comes first, people won't forget that. Therefore, defense is everyone's duty," he emphasized.

Corruption cases among deputies

In recent news from Ukraine, there have been significant developments in corruption cases involving government officials. One instance involved a member of parliament, Andrii Odarchenko, who was caught attempting to bribe a government official with $50,000 worth of Bitcoin. He sought assistance in securing funds for repairing an infrastructure project affected by Russia's armed aggression.

Additionally, there have been searches conducted at the home of another lawmaker, Dubinsky, revealing a scheme involving a relative driving a high-end car from Moldova to Vienna. Dubinsky is currently facing serious allegations of state treason and is in custody.