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IDF prepared to resume combat operations in Gaza

IDF prepared to resume combat operations in Gaza Illustrative photo (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

The Israeli military is prepared to resume combat operations in the Gaza Strip if the ceasefire agreement with Hamas is not extended for another day, says IDF spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari.

"The IDF is ready to resume the fighting. We are prepared to attack at any hour, tonight as well," he stated.

Hagari adds that the IDF expects the release of additional hostages.

"At this hour, we are progressing and awaiting the release of additional hostages who are due to return as part of the agreed-upon deal," he said.

According to him, overnight, the IDF "insisted" on the current agreement with Hamas, under which the terrorist group is supposed to release women and children held as hostages.

"We will do so tomorrow as well. The mediators, Qatar and Egypt, are also obligated to carry out the deal, so that the ceasefire can continue," Hagari added.

Ceasefire between Israel and Hamas

The ceasefire between Israel and Hamas militants began on November 24. At that time, the conflict parties agreed on a four-day ceasefire. Afterwards, Israel and Hamas decided to extend the ceasefire for another two days on the condition that militants release more hostages.

On November 29, it was reported that Israel was discussing with Hamas an extension of the ceasefire for another two days. For this to happen, militants are required to meet Tel Aviv's conditions.

However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu assured that Jerusalem would resume military operations in the Gaza Strip after the return of the hostages.