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IDF eliminate Hamas commander leading attack on October 7

IDF eliminate Hamas commander leading attack on October 7 Photo: IDF announce eliminating the commander of an elite unit of Hamas (Getty Images)

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have announced that during a nighttime airstrike, they have eliminated the commander of an elite unit of Hamas in the city of Deir al Balah in the central Gaza Strip, writes The Times of Israel.

The statement mentions that Adel Msammah commanded the Nukhba terrorists who carried out an attack on Kissufim on October 7 and directed other members of Hamas to attack the border communities of Be’eri and Nirim.

"After that, Msammah led fighting in the Gaza Strip against our forces," says the IDF.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas:

On October 7, Hamas militants invaded Israel, killing and kidnapping both military and civilian individuals. In response, Jerusalem declared Operation Iron Swords and shelled terrorist locations in the Gaza Strip.

A temporary ceasefire for the release of prisoners began on November 24 between Jerusalem and the militants, mediated by Qatar. By December 1, fighting was resumed, according to Israel, due to Hamas violating the terms of the ceasefire.

On December 20, Israel proposed a one-week ceasefire to the Palestinians, but Hamas rejected the offer.

Today, it was announced that the Israeli Army will withdraw some of its brigades from the Gaza Strip. These actions are attributed to the successful takeover of control in the region.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu outlined three conditions that must be met to end the war against the Palestinian militants of Hamas in the Gaza Strip.