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Hungary is interested in Russian gas transit through Ukraine after 2024

Hungary is interested in Russian gas transit through Ukraine after 2024 Hungary wants to receive Russian gas after 2024 (Photo: Getty Images)

Hungary is interested in the prospect of extending the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine after the expiration of the transit contract between Naftogaz and Gazprom after 2025, according to the RBC-Ukraine material titled "Transit during war: Will Ukraine continue Russia to EU gas supplies without contract with Gazprom?"

This issue was raised during the visit of the Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto to Ukraine in January of this year.

"The Hungarian side touched upon the transit issue," said a source familiar with the content of the negotiations. However, this topic did not develop further during the bilateral meeting.

Until October 2021, Hungary received Russian gas through transit via Ukraine but then signed a new contract for supplies via the Turkish Stream.

Gas transit through Ukraine is attractive because this supply route is cheaper than the Turkish Stream.

Transit after 2024

The question of extending transit was raised during the former Prime Minister of Slovakia, Robert Fico's visit to Ukraine. "An agreement arose that the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine will probably continue, which is great news," Fico said on Facebook after meeting with Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal in Uzhhorod at the end of January.

After Fico's statement, it was not ruled out in Kyiv that companies from EU countries themselves could order transit capacities of the Ukrainian GTS for Russian gas.

Meanwhile, the European Commission's belief that even member states most dependent on Russian gas will be able to survive a complete cessation of supplies from the country is a viewpoint that sparks debate. Last year, about 14 billion cubic meters went through the Ukrainian route, almost half of which went to Austria, underscoring the potential implications of such a scenario.