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Hungarian farmers anounce blockade of Ukrainian border

Hungarian farmers anounce blockade of Ukrainian border Photo: Hungarian farmers announced the checkpoint blockade on the border with Ukraine (Getty Images)

The head of the Association of Hungarian Farmer Groups and Organizations, István Jakab, announced the plan of Hungarian farmers to start protests at the Záhony-Chop checkpoint next Friday, February 9, writes Telex.

Such a gesture is going to be done in response to the proposal to continue the duty-free import of Ukrainian goods to EU countries.

According to Jakab, Hungarian farmers will have to compete with products "the production of which should not meet any EU requirements" if the European Commission decides to continue duty-free imports from Ukraine.

"Hungarian farmers stand by the Hungarian government, which also protects our interests against Brussels (in terms of the ban on the import of Ukrainian grain - ed.)," said the statement of the Hungarian farmers.

At the same time, the Minister of Agriculture of Hungary István Nagy recently stated that Hungary would maintain the national ban on the import of products from Ukraine until "an equivalent international solution is found".

Blockade of Ukrainian border

Hungary is not the first country whose farmers or transporters block checkpoints on the border with Ukraine.

Previously, such protests took place in Poland and Slovakia. Farmers and carriers are dissatisfied with the import of Ukrainian agricultural products, as it strongly affects prices on the domestic market.

You can learn more about the blockade of checkpoints in the RBC-Ukraine material.