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Hundreds of Romanians in Germany pose as Ukrainian refugees

Hundreds of Romanians in Germany pose as Ukrainian refugees Illustrative photo (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

In Germany, hundreds of Romanian citizens were caught deceiving authorities by pretending to be Ukrainian refugees. They did this in order to receive assistance, according to Digi24.

According to the material, impostors were caught in Germany posing as refugees from Ukraine in need of assistance. They received money and accommodation. Specifically, Romanians appeared in places where the German authorities offered assistance to refugees.

"They claimed to be outside the conflict zone and in need of support, like all refugees. They were provided with all the conditions: housing, food, and ongoing assistance," the statement said.

However, later, several volunteers realized that many of the refugees did not speak the Ukrainian language, which caught the attention of the authorities. An investigation was launched, and it was found that there are over 1300 individuals in southwestern Germany who are not from Ukraine but pretended to be. Among them are many Romanians who took advantage of the situation in Ukraine and the kindness of the authorities in Berlin.

Earlier, RBC-Ukraine reported that despite warnings from the government, one of the largest cities in Norway, Drammen, decided to only accept Ukrainian refugees.

The Drammen Council justified its decision by stating that it would be easier to integrate Ukrainian refugees due to the existing multicultural population of Drammen. However, the municipal prosecutor stated that the decision was not lawful.