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How to look 10 years younger: simple recipe with two ingredients

How to look 10 years younger: simple recipe with two ingredients How to make a face mask at home (photo:

With age, many people begin to notice that the skin loses elasticity, and the face is covered with wrinkles. Pharmacies and stores are flooded with products that supposedly rejuvenate you, but not all of them really work. However, you can make a truly effective face mask with just two products that are in your kitchen.

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Face mask - make a miracle remedy at home

To forget about sagging skin and wrinkles, you will need two ingredients that are usually used for baking. Just mix these products:

-25 grams of fresh yeast, also called live

-a few tablespoons of warm milk.

Well mix the yeast and apply the resulting mask to a dry and clean facial skin. Then wait for about 10-15 minutes. After that, rinse off the mask, and be prepared to be surprised by the results.

After such a remedy, the skin will become firm and moisturized. You will notice an even and matte tone, and the redness will disappear.

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The recipe for a rejuvenating face mask (photo:

The beneficial properties of yeast and milk

Yeast is rich in B-group vitamins, promoting the strengthening of the skin barrier and stimulating cellular renewal. It also contains biotin, contributing to skin health. Milk, on the other hand, is rich in protein, calcium, and vitamin D, aiding in skin moisturization.

Together, they can create a mask that softens, moisturizes, and nourishes the face. Such a remedy can contribute to improving skin texture and giving it a healthy glow.

However, don't forget that each person may have individual intolerance to certain products and substances. Before applying the mask to your face, conduct an allergy test by covering a small area of your skin with a mixture of milk and yeast.

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