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How to get rid of morning swelling: Simple tips

How to get rid of morning swelling: Simple tips How to get rid of morning swelling (photo: Freepik)

A large number of people experience morning swelling, but it quickly subsides. However, not everyone knows why this happens and how to deal with it.

RBC-Ukraine shares information on exercises that can help reduce swelling, referring to a post by Ukrainian trainer Khrystyna Bychkova.

How to get rid of morning swelling

To reduce morning swelling, you need to perform just 3 easy exercises that are accessible to everyone and don't take much time.

The first thing to do: tap your fingers around the chest area, but not for long.

Second: gently massage the collarbones, moving your fingers along them on both sides.

Third: also, with arm movements, engage the lymphatic channels by gently massaging them on both sides.

What can cause morning swelling

The causes of morning swelling can vary widely: heart issues, hormonal changes, an unhealthy lifestyle or diet, and drinking a lot of water before bed.

But if you are deeply concerned and exercises for swelling are not helping, it's better to consult a doctor rather than speculate about the cause of this phenomenon.

Morning swelling can also bother women during premenstrual syndrome. Before and during critical days, many girls experience increased swelling, and this is nothing to be afraid of.

Lack of sleep for 2-3 weeks can cause permanent swelling. Moreover, if you didn't sleep for several nights and then slept for 10-20 hours, you may wake up with an even more swollen face—unfortunately, the rule sleeping it off doesn't work here.

Swelling can also occur if you've had a substantial meal at night, especially if it included sweets or dairy products.

And, of course, physiological peculiarities of the body are still relevant, as everyone has their own organ functioning characteristics. Therefore, exercise can help you get rid of this problem in the morning.

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How to get rid of morning swelling (photo: Freepik)

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